Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rethinking our approach to Teaching and Learning..

Today, I have read a very inspiring and interesting article about teaching and learning and the way technology could be used to improve both concepts. To Summaries some of the main points:

1.Transformation of societies from

industrial----> Information ------->knowledge----> creative.

2. Universities, colleges and schools have implemented the best technologies available. But very little

attention has been given to improve our approach to teaching and learning.

3. Learning is not the transmission of information from the teacher to the learner; it is a process of

exploration, reflection, discussion, and experimentation. It is the process of making the idea not getting

the idea.

4.To better make use of technological advances, the author stresses theneed to:

1. Rethink how people learn

2.Rethink what people learn

3.Rethink where and when people learn

After reading this article, one important concept stuck to my mind " We Need to Change our Approach to T/L so that technology could be seamlessly integrated in classroom."

Please let me know what you think?