Thursday, February 14, 2008

Building Interactive Learning Environment for our Classroom

Interactive learning environment are not created by chance. Institutions committed to interactive learning typically invest in a number of enablers. Some of the key considerations for the interactive learning environment include:

Leadership commitment: Are interactivity and improved learning recognized and Rewarded?

Faculty development: What skills, perspectives, and support do faculty need to adopt interactive models that improve student learning and engagement? What is the role of IT in supporting this process?

Technology infrastructure: Can the existing infrastructure be adapted to new models of interaction?

Learning spaces:
Learning takes place in many different environments—formal, informal, and virtual. How can space configuration enable interaction and a better learning experience?

Instructional support: What type of technical assistance, instructional design, or graphic design is needed to move interactive models into practice?

Assessment: How should institutions evaluate successes and failures? How can these evaluations be used to encourage ongoing improvement?

Student input: Students often have a unique and valuable view on interactive learning environments. Can faculty and college administrators gain valuable insight into what will work, and what won’t, from the students’ perspective?

where is your institute stands in terms of the seven pilars I outlined in this blog?

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